Girach International is a Manufacturer and Exporter / Supplier of kitenge / chitenge / capulana / real wax print / african prints / khanga in India also known as African Printed Fabrics and Khanga since 1990 with a capacity of providing a variety of designs to their customer which serves major African countries.

We are specialised in serving quality product thereby keeping in mind , the colour and the quality of the textile material to fulfil the demanding chain. Our customer satisfaction is our motto not only before sales, but also after the service provided.

We are India’s one of the largest and growing kitenge and one of the largest manufacturer of Khanga fabric and African Prints in India. We are Exporter of Texiles, exporters of kitenge chitenge capulana khanga  in India which serves major parts of the continent as well.


  • Custom Designs

    Where the customer provides his ideas as he want the design, our team will understand his concept, then after understanding, our technical team makes the design on computer, and a printout as demo is showing to buyer.  After the approval is done by the customer, it is printed on Fabrics and so on.

  • Quick Designs

    Our customer will be given a variety of designs to choose if he doesn’t have idea about the designs to choose. After choosing, we print them on textile on approval.

  • Mix Designs & Mix Quality

    Keeping mind customer satisfaction, we are rapidly working to improve on the same. We allow our customer to mix as much as designs as possible and also mix a variety of quality in a container.
    Like : Mixing Cotton, Roto , Chirag Cotton in one container respectively.

  • Quality Report

    A Detailed Quality Lab Report is given to our customer of the material ordered on request. This enables the customer to be confident on quality.

For any other textile item enquiry, please Send us your details