Girach International is a certified company which meets  international standards of quality and excellence Based in the country's Southern port city of Mumbai , Maharashtra. ( INDIA)


GIRACH INTERNATIONAL understands that in a world that's constantly in motion, you have to build on your momentum; slowing down means losing valuable opportunities. It is by this principle that it dedicates its resources and capabilities towards keeping its customers ahead, by being a reliable and punctual supplier and transshipment partner.


Supported by its strong logistics framework, and a trade network built over thE decades of interaction with the global export industry, it promises to source and supply products of the highest standards to any part of the world.


Mohammed Amin Girach

Mohammed  Amin Girach, presiding as Chairman, has been on the board ever since its inception. At the head of the financial department, his role is vital in controlling the commercial exposure of the group.  Following in the footsteps of his father, Mr M.Amin Girach, he took his place at the business in 1994. His first export overseas was a consignment of shoes and sandal’s to the Republic of Mauritius in 1994. Despite the restrictions on import prevalent during the era, his flair in maintaining international communication enabled to group to trade far and wide. It was his passion and drive that strengthened the company's foundation, creating for it a firm business platform and cementing its commitment to take India's produce to the world.

Moeen Amin Girach
Executive Director

Moeen Amin Girach, son of Mohammed Amin Girach joined the business in the year 2010 on graduating in Commerce from The University of Mumbai & then doing Masters in Business Administration specialising in Exports. He infused fresh perspectives into the export business with initiatives that widened both the company's customer base & product base. His astute business sense has helped the company's turnover see manifold growth.  By inspiring his colleagues to think bigger, better and bolder, the company has travelled down many successful new avenues, such as turnkey supplies of housing projects, infrastructure projects like port development, airport expansion, shore protection, sea walls, fuel tanks, island reclamation, and road development to name a few Under his leadership the company has also further ventured into niche sectors such as the supply of consumer goods, FMCG products and many other goods.